Entrepreneur Beginnings w/ Queer H., CEO S1 E8


Today we speak with Serial Entrepreneur Jes Rich, Author of Everything I learned, I learned from my pimp.

You can access her book  at https://www.jesrich.com/everything-i-know-i-learned-from-my-pimp

I’ve always been captivated by riveting stories, especially true stories of human bravery. The resiliency of humanity is breathtaking. Feeling every emotion as it grips your body, at the edge of suspense.

When my soul awoke throughout the early 2000s, I realized I was one of those stories. My life was full of twists and turns, and more trauma than any soul should endure… yet, I was standing. ~ Jes Rich — This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app — Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/your-story-matters-qhceo/message


Season 2: February 6, 2022

We will Return with Season 2!

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Entrepreneur Beginnings w/Queer H., CEO S1 E7


Oscar is business transformation specialist, author and mentor. A catalyst for igniting passion,  shifting thinking and driving performance. Regarded as one of Africa’s top Life & Business  Strategists, A sought out transformational business coach and leadership expert who  empowers his audience with new research findings and tools that they can immediately apply  in their businesses or careers to achieve “LEAPFROG” results and overcome “SAME-NESS’. A Serial entrepreneur, Founder & Chief Executive Officer of Billion House Consulting (Pty) Ltd.  A leading human capital development and business advisory firm using disruptive  technologies to help solve tough business challenges. With more than 12+ years professional experience in corporate Africa and entrepreneurship development, Oscar’s key message is on TRANSFORMATION and developing entrepreneurs  of the future through a global innovation coaching ecosystem and has mentored hundreds of  startup entrepreneurs all over the world. Named in PeopleHum (Singapore) and Thinkers360 (USA) power list of Top 50 Global Thought Leaders and Influencers on Entrepreneurship 2021. An avid learner, who enjoys coaching entrepreneurs, business owners, investors and aspiring  entrepreneurs on how to scale and multiply their value. Has spoken in over 10 countries and appeared on some of the top television, radio, newspapers and magazines on the continent. Author of three books, Husband and Father of 3. Women in position leadership and  entrepreneur advocate and UN He For She Champion.


Entrepreneur Beginnings w/Queer H., CEO


Let’s hear Laja Gonzales’ synopsis of the Entrepreneurs Condition and her journey as a successful entrepreneur.

Entrepreneur Beginnings w/Queer H., CEO S1 E4


Today we get to meet Martin Cowart with Heart Space Financial, LLC. We get the honor to hear his story of what it was like being a business owner in 2001 in New York and how he was inspired to lead with his heart. During this podcast we will hear his story with embracing his divine self while doing the shadow work he needed to help him evolve into the inspirational leader and CEO he is today. 

Entrepreneur Beginnings w/Queer H., CEO ~ S1 E3


Today we meet Bridget Willard who will talk about her experience with working in a Male Dominant Industry. Bridget will talk to us about the raw truth of what her experiences were like as she became an entrepreneur to become the successful and brilliantly talented CEO and SEO Guru that she is today. #LeadingWithPTSD

Entrepreneur Beginnings w/ Queer H., CEO ~ Guest Danielle Lee


Danielle Lee Joins us this evening to share with us her journey of being a Mother, an Entrepreneur, and a Married Woman with a passion for life and art.

Brief Discussion on Mental Health and the responsibilities of family, community and local authorities.

Introductory Episode


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